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10/08/04 - As is probably obvious, this project has been scrapped. It became much too annoying having to retool the code with each new release of AOLIM. I am now working on SecureIMP. I'll post a link here once it has a working implementation.

03/26/03 - SecureIM released. AutoCapture works!! Pretty conversation window!! FlashWindow works correctly!! Other random bug fixes.

02/21/03 - SecureIM released. Same as, but now packaged as Setup.msi.

02/11/03 - SecureIM released. This works with AOL 5.1.3036, and should work with other 5.x builds. It also flashes windows correctly when a message is received. ( seems to have broken with 4.x ...I am working on that.)

01/09/03 - SecureIM released. This release moves SecureIM to the system tray, and brings a lot of new changes to the interface.

08/28/02 - SecureIM requires that the Protected Storage service to be running. (I discovered this because SecureIM stopped working for me and I eventually traced it back to having disabled the service. Most likely your computer is running the Protected Service anyways as Win98/2K/XP run it by default.)

08/01/02 - SecureIM does not currently work with AOLIM 5.0. Continue using 4.x for the time being. I will be updating it to work with 4.x/5.x once 5.0 is officially released.

SecureIM is a Win32 application which runs on top of AOLIM.

As of current it provides Triple-DES encryption for conversation text, with the key determined based upon a "keyseed". It is very much a work in progress, and may contain a large number of bugs. Contact me if there are any changes you'd like to see, features you'd like added, or other suggestions. I will determine how much I work on it by how interested people seem in the project.

For some more information:

SecureIM involves NO REVERSE ENGINEERING OF AOLIM -- it works based on the fact that AOLIM is a Win32 program.

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