"He who approaches the temple of the Muses without inspiration in the belief craftsmenship alone suffices will remain a bungler and his presumptuous poetry will be obscured by the songs of the maniacs."
- Plato

Interesting Visualizations

The Genealogy of Pop/Rock (hand drawn!)

Code swarm (visualizing code commits)

Graphs of various economic indicators

"Classic" (2002) visualization of Alice in Wonderland

Deducing community structure by following the money (literally)

Graphic sociology

WSJ visualization of which Sites give data to which Watchers (including Google) and vice-versa

Weeplaces visualizes location of posting

Kunal Anand's Gravity Interest Graph

LinkedIn Career Tree

"Truthy" visualizes the spread of memes on Twitter

Very slick visualizing RSS reader

"We Feel Fine" visualization of the moods of bloggers

Visualization of citations in science

Akami real-time web monitor visualization

Awesome visualization tool to help you find bands/movies you might like

Narratives 2 visualization of music

Machine code jump maps for Excite Bike and Super Mario Bros

Newsweek's LinkedIn Career tree

It's a little dated, but still a really cool visualization of one year of edits to OpenStreetMap

Lyric cartography

Visual Complexity collection of visualizations

Not surprising that CompSci heavily overlaps w/ EE, though I was a bit surprised by the spike from Philosophy

Visualizing Soft Drink Diversity

Newsmap visualizes Google News headlines from the vantage of particular countries

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